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Reclaiming the Promise of Racial Equity for Black Males in California

Mar 1, 2017

The groundbreaking AFT racial equity report ,"Reclaiming the Promise of Racial Equity in Education, Economics and Our Criminal Justice System," was adopted by the American Federation of Teachers executive council in the fall of 2015. It established a broad framework of approaches to address the inequities facing Black males of all ages, with an understanding that it would be up to state federations and local unions to decide the specific implementation steps needed in their respective states and cities.

Members of the California Federation of Teachers used that framework as the springboard for CFT Resolution 16, "Close the opportunity gap for black males," adopted at the CFT convention in March 2016. Resolution 16 named 2016 as the year for racial equity and authorized the creation of a CFT racial justice task force to further develop and implement the proposals outlined in AFT's report. We were honored to become members of that task force.

This report, Reclaiming the Promise of Racial Equity for Black Males in California, contains our recommendations for making AFT's racial equity goals real in our state.