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The U.S. Air Force's Diversity and Inclusion Task Force was established to specifically assess ways of improving diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Department of the Air Force (DAF). The task force asked the RAND Corporation to explore several topics that resulted in deep-dive projects. One of the topics was assessing the efficacy of making Tuskegee University in Alabama a "feeder for the Air Force" to assist with increasing racial and ethnic diversity in officer accessions. Our first order of business was to explore, codify, and define the use of the term "feeder" in the Air Force context. The results of the exploration revealed that there is no official regulatory definition for the use of the term. Even if used as a term of art, it is still necessary to define and codify the term for the purposes of increasing diversity in accessions in a meaningful way.

Establishing Feeder-Designation Relationships with Colleges and Universities to Increase Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Air Force Officer Accessions