Changing the Odds: The Race for Results in Atlanta

Jun 18, 2015
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Race has undeniably shaped the city's landscape, giving rise to two very different Atlantas that underscore the fact that the place where children grow up affects their opportunities in life. This report examines the city through its 25 neighborhood planning units (NPUs) -- the resident advisory councils that make zoning and other planning recommendations -- to explore how race and community of residence erect persistent barriers that keep kids from reaching their potential. They also keep the city from fully harnessing its economic power: Metro Atlanta's economy stands to gain an additional $78.6 million annually by promoting racial equity, according to a recent study. This report explores how race and community of residence continue to create barriers that keep the city's kids, particularly those of color, from reaching their full potential. The report highlights three key areas that support or thwart children's healthy development: (1) the community where they grow up; (2) school experiences; and (3) family access to economic opportunities. Policy recommendations are included.